Shadow Fight 3 was launched immediately after the success of Shadow Fight 2. Shadow Fight 3 is gaining widespread popularity and is being played more than its previous versions. The new version is much preferred due to its comprehensive game details, excellent gameplay, and brilliant graphics. Version 3 of Shadow Fight is available for download from the Android play store and iOS app store.

Here is a quick insider’s tip on how you can defeat Iron Break in Shadow Fight 3:

The principle strategy you have to apply is Evade, Hit & Defeat

Trick 1: Escape & hit

  • Head hit
  • 3 combo followed by a head hit
  • 4 combo followed by a head hit
  • 5 combo followed by a head hit
  • 6 combo followed by a head hit
  • 7 combo followed by a head hit

Trick 2: Staff trick

Round 1:

  • Shock
  • Head hit – 4 times
  • Combo followed by head hit – 3 times

Round 2:

  • Fight
  • First strike
  • Head hit – 4 times
  • 3 combo followed by a head hit
  • 4 combo followed by a head hit
  • Critical followed by head hit
  • 5 combo followed by a head hit
  • Critical
  • Critical
  • Head hit – 6 times
  • 6 combo followed by a head hit
  • 7 combo followed by head hit – 2 times

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